Tips for Sharing Content on LinkedIn

Sharing content on LinkedIn is simple:
  • Just paste a link in the box and watch the magic happen – then add a comment to put your own spin on it.
  • Choose whether to share with just your connections, to groups you belong to, or to everyone who visits your profile.
  • Try sharing news articles, job postings, career developments, and any content related to your area of professional interest.

Sharing Bookmarklet

One of LinkedIn’s many tools is this convenient bookmarklet that lets you share anything on the web with your network and groups. Once you’ve installed it on your toolbar, just click it when you’re on a page you’d like to share.

For Firefox, Chrome, and Safari

Drag this link: Share on LinkedIn to your browser toolbar.

Screenshot of Network Updates

For Internet Explorer

1. Right-click this link: Share on LinkedIn.
2. Select “Add to Favorites”.
3. Click “Yes” if you see a Security Alert popup.
4. Select “Favorites Bar” from “Create In”.
5. Click “Add”.

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