Tips to Humanize Your Brand on Social Media Platforms

Humanizing your brand simply means trying to interact with each customer on a personal level with the ultimate goal of building relationships and a community of
brand advocates or “influencers.” I like to say, creating Brand Love! For a company to implement a human style, there needs to be a shift in how it responds to customers, particularly via social media. Here are 6 ways to help you become more “human” to those who use your brand and/or services.

  1. Use your name. Putting a name on your blog posts, tweets or status updates shows your audience you’re not a robot or an automated stream of sales pitches and company news.
  2. Post pictures on Facebook.  Let people see what the inside and outside of your office and the employees who work at your company look like in their working environment. Don’t just be words on a screen! Consumers love brands they can relate to—brands that feel accessible and human, that they can easily connect with. 
  3. Retweet. If someone says something to you or about your company via Twitter, give them a shoutout. Say thank you. Send them a reply. People like to know that their being heard!
  4. Be Present. If you’re going to create a social media presence, you need to engage within the community you’ve created. Those that don’t might be better off with no social presence at all. The reason: to be on social media but not present is a broken promise. 
  5. Add Your Personality. You can be professional without being overly formal. Use your true voice! Being funny and using layman’s terms humanizes you.
  6. Let Your Customer’s Shine. Nothing makes a customer feel better than being acknowledged — or better yet, honored — by a company. Find a way to give kudos to your loyal fans!

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