Get Up Close And Personal With Facebook EdgeRank

What is Facebook EdgeRank?

EdgeRank is the algorithm Facebook uses to give determine how likely it is that an item will appear in a news feed. Understanding this algorithm is crucial for staying on your fans’ feeds, and therefore, continuing to share lead generating content. The news feed shows the top posts from a user’s network, filtering out more than 99% of content. So, the question is, how do you make sure your content makes it into that <1% of content securing real estate in the news feed? Here’s what you need to know to make Edgerank work better for you.

Affinity. This is the interaction between you and your followers. Those who post on your page or comment on something you posted will help raise your score. Remember to reply to your fans or just say “thanks.” It is also important to remember that Facebook wants you to post comments and replies directly from their site. This means using any third party applications, such as TweetDeck, Hootsuite, etc., will actually lower your EdgeRank.The reason for this is because of the popular gaming applications like Farmville and Mafia Wars. So, by lowering the affinity score on all third-party applications, this prevents them from having a higher EdgeRank.

Weight. This is based on content. Posts that have photos will get a higher score than compared to a simple update. Also, leaving a comment on a post carries more weight than “Liking” it because of engagement. It takes more effort to comment than simply clicking on the “Like” button. Always remember, when posting any photo, link or video, add an explanation or opinion. Those that don’t have any added words get the worst engagement. In fact, posts that have more than 141 characters (which is more than what you can post on Twitter) end up receiving the most engagement. So don’t be afraid of longer updates. Also, be sure to mix up your text-only posts with these visually engaging ones.

Time Decay. This is the age your content.Newer items are more likely to appear in the news feed. Over time, older items drop out of the news feed. Facebook never has content more than 24 hours old.

EdgeRank loves content.

EdgeRank loves to find the best content to include in users’ news feeds. Therefore, you need to share lead generating content. EdgeRank loves content that ignites interaction and is relevant to the community. This type of content includes compelling and creative posts, with the occasional personal post thrown in. For engaging content, try:

  • Creating posts that offer value, rather than sales pitches
  • Ask a direct question and provide answers
  • Post videos directly instead of links to articles with videos, so users can watch the video within Facebook
  • Posting at different times of the day and on weekends
  • Asking open-ended questions and inviting comments

Free EdgeRank Checker Tool.

To learn more about your own EdgeRank, consider trying out EdgeRank Checker, which provides a free tool and insight into how you’re doing.

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