Google+ Tips and Tricks

With over 100 million active users, Google+ is fast becoming the enterprise social networking tool of choice for savvy office workers. It also has monster potential for Search Engine Optimization since your profile is your Google profile. Here are three tips to help you learn more about using Google+.

Tag Someone in a Post.

Facebook uses the “@” symbol followed by someone’s name to tag a person in a stats update. To tag a person in an update on Google+, type the “+” symbol, followed by their username. As you type, Google+ will autofill possible options.

Drag and Drop from Your Desktop.

There are two ways you can add  photos, videos and links to an update in Google+. First, you can click on the camera, video or paperclip icons, then search your desktop and folders and upload it. Or, an easier method: simply drap and drop the picture, video or link from your desktop into the share box.

Disable Google+ Email Notifications.

Once you get started with Google+ and others start to add you to their circles, your email inbox will flood with notifications. To turn off select email notifications, visit your Google+ settings page, found by selecting the gear icon in the top right of your Google+ page, then choosing “Google+ settings.”

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