LinkedIn Tip of The Day: Recommendations

LinkedIn Tip of the Day: Recommendations

A recommendation is a comment written by a LinkedIn member to endorse a colleague, business partner, student, or service provider. People interested in hiring or doing business with someone often consider recommendations in making their decisions. You also need three recommendations to have a 100% complete profile. Here’s a step-by-step process for ‘Asking and Managing Recommendations.’

1. Go to the Profile menu at the top of your home page and click Recommendations.

2. Click the Request Recommendations tab.” Choose what you want to be recommended for” from the drop down menu.

  • If the position or school isn’t listed, you can click the link to add a “job” or “school” to both this menu and your profile.

3. “Decide who you’ll ask” by either entering names of connections into the text field or clicking on the address book icon to search through your connections.

4. In your address book’s Choose Connections module, check the boxes next to the names you want to add and then click Finished.

  • When you request a recommendation from multiple people in one message, each recipient will receive an individual email.

5. “Create your message” for the recommendation request by using the message provided or personalizing your note.

6. Click Send.

TIP: When requesting a recommendation, do not simply send the generic message LinkedIn creates for you. Include some specific projects you worked on so that your recommender remembers the particular work you did and speak to it. Notice the difference between: “Pete was a creative thinker who got the job done”, and “Pete created and implemented a blogging strategy that helped generate 163 leads in one weeks time.”

Managing Your Recommendations.

When one of your connections recommends you, a notification is sent to your Inbox and your Manage recommendations page.

From the notification message sent to your LinkedIn inbox you can:

  • Accept Recommendation – To either show or hide the recommendation on your profile.
  • Request a Replacement – Typically because of a misspelling or other error.
  • Archive – If you don’t want to accept the recommendation immediately.

To view and manage a recommendation:

  1. Go to the Profile menu at the top of your home page and click Recommendations.
  2. Click the Manage link under the position with the recommendation.
  3. With the recommendation visible, you have the following options:
  • Click Accept Recommendation (only if you have not accepted yet).
  • Click the show box to either show or hide the recommendation and then click Save Changes.
  • Click “Request a new or revised recommendation from [your recommender]”, customize your message to explain what you’d like revised and click Send.

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