Google+ Update: Header Image and Profile Photo Redesign

Google’s social network got a redesign recently that makes it prettier and easier to navigate. One of the changes that I’m highlighting in this article is the change to page layouts. The cover photo now sprawls across the top of your profile and your profile image is allotted more space on the top right.

Add a Promotional Message.

You’re free to use your header image to promote your business or product or include a call to action. You’re not restricted from adding promotional messages as on Facebook. 

Some ideas on how to use your new header:

  • Showcase a product
  • Highlight a customer of the week
  • Include a business phone number or web address to attract new customers
  • Add a call to action to encourage people to learn more about your business

You can choose whether you’d like to continue to feature five photos at the top of your page or select one main cover image (like Facebook). To change your photo strip, simply click the “Edit Profile” button at the top of your page and click on your photo strip.

You’ll then get the option to have one panoramic cover photo or five small scrapbook photos.

If you choose to have one header photo, make sure the cover image is 940 pixels x 180 pixels. Recommended file formats: jpg or png.

Also pay attention to how your profile photo looks in the new layout. The logo appears larger now, so make sure your picture doesn’t look grainy with the recent updateThe minimum profile picture width is approximately 250 pixels x 250 pixels.

If you choose to keep using scrapbook photos in your strip, your photo strip images will continue to be displayed at 110 pixels x 110 pixels.

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