LinkedIn Goes Mobile with Sexy New iPad App

One more reason to LOVE LinkedIn.
One more reason to LOVE LinkedInLinkedIn launched its first iPad app
 yesterday, and it brings a brand new look and feel to the social network. This is the company’s first foray into tablets, and the wait has paid off. The deliberation and attention to detail — it all shows, from the clean-as-a-whistle homescreen to the trendy slider interface for quickly browsing industry news. See more screenshots and read the full article by Business Insider.

Check out the below screenshot to see one of my favorite features. All your appointments show up here. If applicable, the app will also pull in the LinkedIn profiles for the people you’re going to meet with. That’s a great way to prepare for an important meeting or interview.

LinkedIn Stats.

  • LinkedIn has 150 million members total around the world
  • The network’s mobile traffic is skyrocketing, from 8 percent this time last year to 22 percent now
  • Every second, LinkedIn mobile users rack up 19 people searches and view 41 profiles
  • Even without a custom app, iPad traffic makes this tablet the network’s fastest-growing device, up 250 percent year over year

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