[Infographic] Mobile Marketing in 2012

Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing is on the rise because people are spending more time on their mobile phones than ever before. This new marketing world consists of words like smartphones, SEO, mobile sites, geolocation and social marketing. As marketers, we have to understand these types of consumers and how to reach them. Technologies like geolocation and mobile tagging can help us better understand the mobile consumer and deliver more relevant messages. Learn the state of mobile marketing in the following infographic, brought to you by Microsoft Tag and Milagro Mobile Marketing.



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7 responses to “[Infographic] Mobile Marketing in 2012

  1. Deoneo

    Thanks for sharing, useful article and interesting information.

    The question is how we as an e-marketer will turn those number from gaming & social usage into m-commerce, or value to the brand… Still can’t figure out the best formula 🙂

  2. Transition Marketing

    I love me some infographic!
    Well done on this, I will put this information to good use in the future!

  3. Transition Marketing

    For what it is worth. First quarter reports indicate that ad’s in mobile apps, magazines and games were garnering great success. Initial polls of users stated that a high percentage (cannot recall exact percentage but over 50%) were likely to click through.

  4. Thanks for sharing the update Transition Marketing.

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