Facebook Launches New Feature: Editing Comments

As of Thursday, Facebook is now offering the ability to edit your comments. The edit option appears in the form of a small pencil icon on the right side of your comment. Clicking on the pencil will bring up a drop-down menu with the option to edit your comment as well as the option to delete it entirely. If you’re like any of more than 900 million people who have ever used Facebook, then I’m sure there has been a time where you’ve posted a comment you chose to delete.  If you do make changes and save them, the system will add a small “Edited” tag below your comment to indicate to you and others that there have been changes. When you hover above the tag, it’ll say “Show edit history,” and if you click you’ll  get a history of changes made — which should deter jokesters who rewrite their comments and troll their friends. This is great news! If you’re not already a BrandLove, LLC Facebook Fan, please “like” my page. There are lots more social media tips and information. My fan page is updated daily. Thank you for your support!

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