New Facebook Feature: Photo Thumbnails in ‘Notifications’ section of Your Admin Panel

Facebook has added thumbnails to your fan page Admin Panel under the ‘Notifications’ section so you can instantly see which photo your fans are liking and commenting on. This feature has been added to not only the photo’s you’ve uploaded on your business pages, but also includes pictures you’ve liked and commented on other business pages. This is great news! However, I’ve noticed that this feature is only visible on one of the pages that I manage, but not the other. Have you seen this feature yet?

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5 responses to “New Facebook Feature: Photo Thumbnails in ‘Notifications’ section of Your Admin Panel

  1. That’s great – thanks for the info Lisa!

  2. This was a great feature but now it’s disappeared from my brand page. Especially useful as I’m a photographer and I could easily see which images were popular and had instant feedback from my posts.
    Any ideas on how to get it back?

    • Hi Kathryn! I wish I had good news for you. I miss that feature too. Have you tried clicking on the globe on the top upper left hand side in the blue bar, just to the left of the search bar? The globe icon offers a click glance on who’s commenting on photo’s and shows a thumbnail.

  3. Thanks, yes that works, just not as user friendly as seeing it in the Admin Panel. Thanks for you quick response 🙂

  4. Your welcome Kathryn. Back in March, I wrote a post about this update on my Facebook business page if you want more information. Here’s the link!

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