Facebook Tip: Link Your Blog to Your Facebook Page to Drive Traffic (Free App!)

One advantage to the Facebook business page is the featured App tabs located just below your cover photo. Even if you’re tweeting and updating your Facebook business page status with your latest blog content (ahem — you should be if you’re not!) This FREE Application Tab, brought to you by Networkedblogs.com, is simple and easy to install and makes a great addition to your Facebook business page. One more way to drive traffic to your blog and get your articles read!

Ok, as promised, here’s what to do:

1. Log  into your Facebook account and on your Facebook business page, and in another window have your blog open (so you can quickly copy and paste the URL).

2. Visit networkedblogs.com and at the top right, click where it says, “Add Your Blog.”

3. You’ll be asked to log in with Facebook – do that.

4. Logging in will bring you to a page that lets you Register a Blog. Type or paste in the full URL of the blog, i.e. http://www.brandlovellc.wordpress.com.  Click “Next.”

5. Now you’ll be asked to fill in a bit more info, including the title of the blog, a brief description, a few tag words, etc. The “feed” address to the blog should be automatically entered.

6. When you finish, you’ll be brought to a page about the blog. On the left hand side of the screen under “Blogger Tools” you’ll see the word, “Syndication.” Click that, then go check your email for a verification email. Click where indicated in the email and you’ll be brought to another networkedblogs.com page.

7. Click on the “Blogger Dashboard” in the upper right hand corner; then in the menu under your blog, next to Publish, select Add to Facebook Page. Select the page you want to add your blog to and click the blue “Add Page Tab” button.

8. Head over to your Facebook business page, refresh the page if needed, and you’ll see a tab that says “Blog.” Click on the tab and you’ll be able to choose which blog (yours!) to appear on the page. If there are photos/graphics on your blog posts, the list of recent post excerpts will appear with thumbnails (as shown), giving your Blog tab on Facebook a clean, professional look and offering readers another way to engage with your words.

Keep in mind, not everyone clicks on App Tabs. To make sure everyone sees your new blog post on Facebook, post a Facebook status update with your article and include the shortened link to your newest content each time you blog. You can even take a screenshot of your blog article and post a picture of it for a higher ‘reach’ to your audience. See example below.

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14 responses to “Facebook Tip: Link Your Blog to Your Facebook Page to Drive Traffic (Free App!)

  1. Was there a recent change in Networkedblogs policy to charge for adding a blog tab to your facebook page, or was this something you forgot to mention? It seems like in their free service, they do say they provide it for free. But when you get to your dashboard, they tell you that you must purchase their minimum “Basic” service for $9.99 per month.

    • Orlando, I’m unable to add another blog to test this to see what you’re referring to. When I wrote the article, I was able to click on the free version to add mine and I didn’t get prompted to choose the basic service for a fee. Have you used networkedblogs before? I’m wondering if you can only use the free app once and then they charge you. Also, I had someone send me a note last week saying they were successful in adding the tab. If you find anything out, please let me know and I’ll update my article with the new information. Thank you for your comment.

      • I was not allowed to move to the point I could choose the page I wanted to connect to. It put me on a price page and wouldn’t allow me to move further. It tells you when hover over the “create tab…” link that it requires the purchase of their “Basic” package.

  2. Orlando, I just added it to my Facebook page right before I wrote the article. I did not pay to add the app. Let me check to see if they changed their basic service. Stay tuned.

  3. I just went onto their FAQ page and here is what I found: “As you know, NetworkedBlogs is offered as a free service and will continue to be so. We love helping our users find new readers and get visibility and distribution on social networks. To cover the costs of running the service, we also offer paid plans with extra features. Your payments allow us to keep the site running. Thank you.”

    I’m wondering if you’re trying to add a feature like the below example that’s not covered in the Free plan and that’s why you’re getting prompted to upgrade to the Basic paid plan?

    Step 4.
    Select a tab theme to change the look & feel (paid feature)
    On your Blog tab, click Choose Style. A list of theme options will show up.For each style, there are different formats available. The style will change the overall look and feel of your tab. The format will change how specific blog posts are viewed on-screen. Click on a radio button to choose an option, then press Save. The page will refresh and you’ll be able to see your changes immediately.

    • Where you directed me to click on the blogger dashboard after, under “Publish” I hoveredover yhe words “Add Tab to Facebook Page” when it says “Requires Badic Paid Plain.” I can’t get beyond this point.

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