[Infographic] Social Media Drives Revenue

Eventbrite has put together the below infographic from the 2012 social commerce report, providing insight into social media values around the globe. Here’s what they found:

Twitter drives the most traffic of all the major social networks, but it’s Facebook that generates the most revenue. Shares made on Twitter trigger, on average, 33 visits to websites, compared to 14 for Facebook and 10 for LinkedIn. The value of a share across all social networks went from $1.78 in 2010 to $3.23 (an increase of 81%) largely due to Facebook.

Value of a “share” by social network in US dollars:

  • Facebook – $4.15 ($2.52 in 2010. An increase of 65%)
  • Twitter – $1.85 ($.043 in 2010. An increase of 330%)
  • LinkedIn – $0.92 ($0.90 in 2010. An increase of 2%)

If you’re interested in the numbers from the 2010 social commerce report, you can view it here.

Other Highlights:

  • Facebook drives the most revenue
  • Twitter drives the most traffic
  • The revenue worth of a share varies around the world, with Ireland being the marketer’s country of choice on both Twitter and Facebook and France performing best for LinkedIn.

How They Did It

Eventbrite used a custom suite of social analytics tools that they developed. They’re reporting tracks and analyzes not only which sharing options their users leverage, but also where on their site each share action takes place. These tools also tie back into their conversion funnels, so they are able to attribute ticket purchases to the specific social distribution channel that drove them. So, for example, they can compare not just the value created by a Facebook “Like” vs. a tweet, but also the performance of shares initiated before or after a purchase. For the purposes of this report, Eventbrite defines social commerce as transactions that are driven through sharing on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

So despite all the recent talk of social spam and share fatigue – there is real money to be made in adding share buttons on your product and purchase pages. If you haven’t rolled out share buttons on your product and purchase pages, now’s the time to do it.

This infographic from Eventbrite takes a closer look at how social media drives revenue.

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  3. This is a great blog. The infographic is stellar and the information is quite useful. Thank you for writing this. I just started my own social media blog and I’m looking for ways to improve it. I’m still struggling to provide a unique perspective outside of the traditional stuff. Any feedback is welcome.

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