New LinkedIn Feature: Add Groups to Company Pages and a How To

LinkedIn-love-imageA LinkedIn Company Page allows you to learn more about a company you are interested in.  For a business, it’s the opportunity to tell your company’s story, highlight your products and services, share articles, press coverage, career opportunities and drive word of mouth at scale. For millions of professionals, a Company Page is a place to explore companies of interest, get the latest company updates and industry news, research products & services and learn about job opportunities. Any LinkedIn member can follow a company that has set up a Company Page to get updates on key developments.

If your company doesn’t have a LinkedIn Company Page yet and wants to set up a page, first check out the requirements to add a Company Page and read the basics on how to add a Company Page. (You can also contact me for help!) For more detailed information, download LinkedIn’s Guide to your Company Page.

Why Add Featured Groups to Your Company’s Page?

  • Gives you the opportunity to showcase staffing organizations or associations’ groups you are a part of or manage.  If you are affiliated with a particular organization, it may build credibility if a potential prospect or candidate sees you display it on your page.
  • Highlight a particular specialty your firm has. If you are participating in an industry-specific group (such as Social Media Marketing), it can help draw attention to your expertise in this area.
  • A great way to highlight community ties. If your firm prides itself on its community ties and you participate in a specific group for your community, consider adding it as a Featured Group.

Here’s How To Add a Featured Group:

First of all, to add a group to your Company Page, you must be both the Company Page administrator and a member of the group you want to add. You can add up to 3 groups per Company Page.

1. Go to your Company Page.

2. Click Edit at the top of the Home tab.

Fullscreen capture 12302012 15126 PM.bmp4. Scroll down to the Featured Groups section.

5. Start typing the name of the group you’d like to add (Please note that your groups will appear in the order in which they are listed while you’re in the edit mode.)

Fullscreen capture 12192012 74558 PM.bmp

Fullscreen capture 12192012 74725 PM.bmp

6. Click ‘Publish’ in the top right corner after you add your group (s). Once you have added Featured Groups to your page, it will add the list to your right sidebar in the bottom for visitors to see.

Fullscreen capture 12302012 32455 PM.bmp

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