[Infographic] The LinkedIn Profile–Insight Into the Users of the Professional Networking Powerhouse

Are you surprised that 61% of 500 Americans surveyed by Lab42 chose LinkedIn for professional networking over Facebook at 22%? Probably not. What is surprising to me is that 35% of users check-in daily and 42% update their profile regularly. Only 6% check-in less than once a month. It wasn’t that long ago that professional networking meant printing off your resume, attending job fairs and scheduling coffee dates with old co-workers or friends of friends who could help you land your next dream job. This is not the case anymore. As of January 9, LinkedIn boasts over 200 million members with representation in more than 200 countries and territories. 74 million coming from the United States. Wow.

Check out this infographic by Lab42 to see how these 500 Americans surveyed utilized their profile and to see if they valued LinkedIn as a professional networking too.


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5 responses to “[Infographic] The LinkedIn Profile–Insight Into the Users of the Professional Networking Powerhouse

  1. I have just tried to follow you on twitter using the link above and the link is wrong, you have only ised one t in twitter. http://www.twiter.com/brandlovellc

  2. Thomas Bertin

    Great information – thank you for sharing! Now that I am following BrandLove, I look forward to future blog postings.

  3. Thanks for the heads up. I have fixed it. http://www.twitter.com/brandlovellc
    Have a great day!

  4. So far, whatever I read was informative. Can’t wait to read more of the links you suggested.

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