[Infographic] Facebook ‘Best Days to Post’ Segmented by Industry

facebook heartWhat is the best time to share content on Facebook for maximum exposure?  Should you post first thing in the morning?  During lunch?  At the end of the workday when people are getting ready to head home? Determining when to post  to get the most engagement is one of the greatest challenges of Facebook page admins. Who’s to say that a post targeted at the retail industry wouldn’t do better on the weekends while a post targeted towards technology fans wouldn’t do better during the work week? Not all Facebook posts are targeted at the same people, so you have to be careful of “general research” about Facebook or any other social media trend. It may not apply to your industry or audience. That’s why this infographic from LinchpinSEO is helpful. The data for this infographic analyzed the user engagement of more than 1,800 Facebook pages from the world’s top brands for the first two months following the implementation to Timeline. The data was collected from April 1 to May 31, 2012 and is organized by industry. For instance, companies considered “general retail” will find more engagement on Mondays (19% above average), whereas nonprofits will see greater success on weekends (14% higher interaction on Saturdays and Sundays.) 

Check out the infographic below and let me know what you think in the comments below.  Do you think you’ll start paying more attention to the timing of your social networking as a result of these findings?


On a side note, if you’re not sure how your Facebook page is performing and you’re looking to get your  feet wet in the world of marketing, I wrote a post awhile back about PageLever, who launched an app called Minilytics. Minilytics is a FREE app for marketers looking for quick answers to the basic marketing questions of your Facebook pages. This basic analytic’s tool is a great way to get answers specific to YOUR Facebook pages: your best time to post, the number of fans your posts reach, the most popular kind of content to post for your fans and an analysis of the demographics of your fan base. You can get more information on this tool here.

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