[Infographic] 5 Ways To Make Your Linkedin Profile Irresistible

download (2)A positive online presence is critical to any professional’s life, whether you’re a job seeker or secure in your current position. Professional networking sites like LinkedIn offer something that may not be fully available on other platforms: the ability to  show off your work history, accomplishments and even your personality. Sure, you can always list the jobs you’ve had or where you went to school on other networks, however, LinkedIn provides an avenue for all professionals that just doesn’t compare to other sites. LinkedIn currently has more than 238 million members worldwide in over 200 countries, executives from all 2013 Fortune 500 companies as members and its corporate talent solutions are used by 90 of the Fortune 100 companies. It is the social network to be on if you want visibility and a channel for extreme networking capabilities.

With that said, if you want to make the most of your LinkedIn profile, here are a few suggestions taken from the infographic created by Nando Rodriguez, Social@Ogilvy.

  1. Keywords in your profile – if recruiters  can’t find you, they won’t hire you! If a recruiter is looking to fill a sales position and you are an expert networker, revenue-driving sales leader and you don’t highlight that in your profile, you aren’t showing up in search results. Those keywords should be organically scattered throughout your profile. Creativity is good when changing the template headline but don’t get too creative with wording. Trust me, no one will be searching for Marketing Guru or Sales Ninja.
  2. Who do you want to be seen as? People will sum up your personal brand in seconds. Make sure yours clearly defines who you are and is reflected on your profile and on your resume. Your resume should not tell a different story than your LinkedIn profile.
  3. Tell us your story – story telling is story selling as we all know. This tells potential employers that you strategically aimed for a particular career.
  4. Use A Professional Profile Photo. Let’s face it. People will judge you by your photo. In case you’re not sure what I’m talking about, here’s some suggestions of what not to do. No selfies. No photobombs. No family shots. No alcohol. No group shots. Keep your clothes on. Yes, I’ve seen a half-naked person. I’m not kidding. Don’t wear anything you wouldn’t wear to work. You get the idea. Rather, have a professional take your photo. Uncross your arms. Smile. Look friendly.  Stand in front of a colored wall, or Photoshop one in, so your profile will stand out amongst the rest. Ask your photographer to give you a couple that are edited so you can update your profile every once in a while. It’s a good thing to keep your profile fresh.

    A definite "No" for a LinkedIn profile photo.

    A definite “No” for a LinkedIn profile photo.

  5. Customize Your LinkedIn URL. This will take you seconds to optimize and will look great in your email signature. Also, use this on your resume. If you’re unsure how to do this, check out an earlier blog post titled 11 Tips To Build Your Personal Brand on Linkedin for help and additional ways to improve your profile.

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4 responses to “[Infographic] 5 Ways To Make Your Linkedin Profile Irresistible

  1. luv2draw

    #4……..”Stand behind a colored wall…..”

    Really? Can you see me if I’m BEHIND a wall? 😀

  2. Meli M Lagi

    Thanks for the valuable advice, I will apply these tweaks to my L-in profile immediately.

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