Activity Feed On LinkedIn Profile Pages Removed! Find Out Why And A Work-around Solution!

imagesIf you’re like me and wondering what happened to your status updates that you used to be able to see on any individual LinkedIn profile page, they’ve been eliminated as of December 2013! The activity feed showed on profiles showed your most recent activity. For example, recent connections, articles shared and so on. Why is this feature gone you ask? This is from LinkedIn, “we take a look at our features to evaluate how they’re being used by our members. Part of this process sometimes means we decide to eliminate a feature, so we can better invest those resources in building new and better LinkedIn products.” WHAT? I loved this feature! One of the main reasons I loved this feature is because I have 500+ connections, and it makes it virtually impossible to see updates from someone I follow regularly AND it will significantly impact my profile views. Also, I may need to research a person and want to check what types of content they are posting so I know what they are interested in for conversation starters. From a Recruiting perspective, this is valuable information to have displayed on profiles to glean information on potential candidates. From a job seekers perspective, I believe it is critical information to draw traffic to your profile page and to let Recruiters know a little more information about you if you’ve applied for a position. I certainly hope whatever new features they are working on, will solve this problem.  LinkedIn says, “Being able to share what you do on LinkedIn is important to us and we are working on more useful ways for you and other members to view and interact with your activity on LinkedIn from your profile.” I hope they roll something out quickly. In the meantime, check out an interim solution.

The Work-Around Solution

The good news is that you can still see “Recent Activity’ on your mobile phone if you have downloaded the LinkedIn app. If you haven’t, you can download it HERE for Android. And HERE, for the iPhone. They both are free downloads.

LinkedIn Android App Screenshot

LinkedIn Android App Screenshot

You can still access your own activity from the Homepage. Here’s how:

  • Click Home in the top left of your LinkedIn homepage.
  • Move your cursor over All Updates, found below the Share box and to the right.
  • Select Your Updates.

You can also share updates to your network directly from the homepage, and you can have other activities broadcast to your network.

How To View 'Your Updates' on LinkedIn

How To View ‘Your Updates’ on LinkedIn

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9 responses to “Activity Feed On LinkedIn Profile Pages Removed! Find Out Why And A Work-around Solution!

  1. Lisa,
    This decision has driven me nuts! Only last year I sat there and heard from them in person that LinkedIn was about content, engagement, sharing, connecting etc etc Now they do this!
    My theory as to why is down to fact they are behind their revenue predictions for shareholders. The main revenue driver for LinkedIn is the recruitment industry – agencies and corporates – selling licences, advertising, enhancement packages etc.
    So back to my theory …….
    What do many recruiters and companies do in their status updates? Post jobs – for free. LinkedIn don’t make any money out of them. If they remove this ability then maybe they think/assume that these same people will pay for job postings instead?
    They have also removed other functionality in the Recruiter product because users weren’t using it the way LinkedIn wanted them to. So I think they have done the same with updates.

    Such a shame. Just wonder what is next?


  2. Thank you for your insights Andy. That makes complete sense. If you have an article about features that were removed from the Recruiter product, please feel free to respond with your link. Have a great weekend!

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  5. Liz Bon

    I can’t believe you liked the activity feed. I absolutely hate that I have to have a LinkedIn these days and want to keep low profile as much as possible, but that darn activity feed alwasy kept shouting things out, even when I have all settings set to the most private and hidden option possible. Thankfully, LinkedIn finally listened to the majority of its users, who are not recuiters, but just people with a job, and removed this feature. Halleluja.

    • Hi Liz, I am actually referring to the Activity Feed, which used to display the content that each individual would post on their own personal profile and new connections, groups that they would follow. So,if I was really interested in what someone had to say or what they were doing, I could just go to their profile and see what their activity was and vice versa. I think you are referring to your feed on your home page. By setting your notifications to the most private, all you’re doing is controlling what gets sent to the news feed from your own activity, not anyone else’s. If there are connections that post things that you do not want to see, you can hide their posts by hovering over the right hand side of their post and clicking “hide”. That will help control what you see in your feed on your home page. I hope that helps!

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  7. Thanks for the work-arounds. This change is killing me. Because I’m wildly curious about everything, I want to know the real reason behind it. It seems to me that they could up revenues by making these highly desirable features an upgrade. But to remove the functionality altogether? Crazy.

    • No problem! The theory is that they removed the feature because companies were not purchasing the Recruiting solutions package from LinkedIn because Recruiters could post their open jobs for free so LI wasn’t making any money off of them. Just a theory though. I totally would buy the premium version to be able to have that functionality back on my profile page. Thanks for reading!

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