How To Jazz Up Your LinkedIn Profile With Bullets And Symbols

LinkedIn_SymbolsWhat better time than now to update your LinkedIn profile to make it stand out among the other 277 million users?  Using  bullets, symbols and visual cues in your LinkedIn profile will definitely help to make yours stand out from the crowd in a positive way especially if you use them conservatively. My suggestion to you would be to use arrows, stars or vertical lines in your headline and title sections, bullets or ticks and horizontal lines in your summary section and diamonds, arrows or check marks in your ‘experience’ section. Like anything else, just make sure you don’t get too crazy or too cute with your choices in symbols. And, most importantly, make sure you don’t overuse them. You don’t want your profile  to appear unprofessional. This will cheapen your personal brand which you’ve worked so hard to fine tune.

Fullscreen capture 2192014 31222 PM.bmpFullscreen capture 2192014 31809 PM.bmpFullscreen capture 2192014 31238 PM.bmp

As promised, here’s the how to:

1. Find the symbol you want and drag your mouse over the character.

2. Press Ctrl + C to copy the symbol.

3. Open up your LinkedIn profile and click “Edit.”

4. Ctrl + V to paste it into your profile.  If you use a Mac, you can click Apple+V.

5. Save the changes to your profile and view your results.


►    ◄    ▲    ▼    ⇒  ⇓  ⇔   ⇕   ⇖   ⇗   ⇘   ⇙   ⇚   ⇛


★    ☆     ✱     ❉     ❊

Traditional Bullets & Ticks

■    □    ▪    ◊    ●    ♦    ◘    √

Fun Symbols (Be Careful With These!)

♫    ♥    ツ    ❢  ✽

Miscellaneous Symbols

™    ©    ®    ℠


✉     ✍     ✎     ✏     ✑     ⌨


✆     ☎     ☏

Horizontal Lines

Make sure you copy and paste the lines several times!


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4 responses to “How To Jazz Up Your LinkedIn Profile With Bullets And Symbols

  1. Hi, LIsa. Really glad you posted this! I have to tell you I’ve taught people about LinkedIn for a long time and yet wasn’t sure how to put in little symbols like that. I have now added two stars and a few arrows thanks to you. You rock!

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