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Embrace Forgiveness and Move Forward

It causes so much negative energy to hold onto resentment and bad feelings toward others. As you let go of grudges, you’ll no longer define your life by how you’ve been hurt. You might even find compassion and understanding.  Embrace forgiveness and move forward. It is a mentally freeing experience.

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Learn to Dance in the Rain


Appreciate what you have, for you never know when it will be taken away. Your attitude is everything.

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“If what you see with your eyes doesn’t please you, close your eyes and see from the heart…”

Learn to love with all your heart and accept the unlovable side of others… for anyone can love a rose, but only a great heart can include the thorns.

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Happy Mother’s Day from BrandLove!

Mother’s Day to me is the one iconic day a year where we can honor the women that exemplify kindness, caring and love. The “glue” that holds the family together. I hope you’re spoiled rotten by the ones that love you. Happy Mother’s Day!

What does the word “Mother” mean to you?

Maternal, although this word is normally used to describe mothers in the context of their instincts and ability to natural and unconditionally love their children, it can also describe the tenderness of a mother or of any woman who is close to you.

Optimistic, have you ever noticed that mothers are seldom ever negative when it comes to their children. Mothers always expect and see the best in their children.

True, Mothers are true to their children. They never lie to them. They encourage truth.

Highest- for children the mother is the person to whom they look up to as the highest authority in their lives.

Enduring, a mother’s love is enduring and eternal. It never ends.

Revered, mothers are honored and revered by nearly everyone in society. Most people consider their mother to be either a hero or at least someone to whom they can look to for advice, wisdom and courage.

Thank you to AnnaLaura Brown for the words to describe “Mother”

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