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[Infographic] Mobile Content: Usage and Expectations

The following  infographic was created by Carpathia and it showcases how mobile use has become increasingly popular. Across regions, mobile browsing and application usage is growing at a rate of 7-9%. With this growth, so do the demands of mobile users. The following infographic not only shows the magnitude of the audience, but also the ways in which mobile marketing, advertising and content providers can meet the demands of users worldwide.

Here some interesting highlights from the infographic:

  • There are over 6 billion mobile subscriptions [2011]
  • 87% of the world’s population are using mobile phones
  • 22% of mobile users access the internet at least once per month
  • 34% of Americans and 28% of European use their mobile devices to access applications
  • 71% expect quick load times on mobile sites
  • Five seconds is the max wait time on a mobile site or an application before the user will exit the app or go to another site


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