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[Infographic] The Influence of Social Media: Turning “Likes” into “Buys”

We are all searching for new ways to turn a “like” “pin” or “follow” or “+1 (you get the picture) into a buy. A new infographic by CouponCabin showcases just how much influence social media has on consumers and what types of companies people are more likely to be loyal to.

Here are a few highlights from the infographic:

  • 45% of Females without children follow brands to keep up with the latest content (44% of Moms, 31% Men)
  • The American community is most loyal to the food and beverage industry (57%)
  • 18% of US social media users are influenced by a “like” or a “follow” by a friend
  • Individuals under 35 (23%) are more likely to be influenced by their friends behavior than a 55 year-old (9%)


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