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[Infographic] Mobile Content: Usage and Expectations

The following  infographic was created by Carpathia and it showcases how mobile use has become increasingly popular. Across regions, mobile browsing and application usage is growing at a rate of 7-9%. With this growth, so do the demands of mobile users. The following infographic not only shows the magnitude of the audience, but also the ways in which mobile marketing, advertising and content providers can meet the demands of users worldwide.

Here some interesting highlights from the infographic:

  • There are over 6 billion mobile subscriptions [2011]
  • 87% of the world’s population are using mobile phones
  • 22% of mobile users access the internet at least once per month
  • 34% of Americans and 28% of European use their mobile devices to access applications
  • 71% expect quick load times on mobile sites
  • Five seconds is the max wait time on a mobile site or an application before the user will exit the app or go to another site


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[Infographic] Find out How and Why Corporations are Using Social Media to Gain Exposure and Generate Leads

The following Social Media is Going Corporate infographic was created by MBAPrograms.com and it showcases how and why businesses are using social media and how small and large businesses are tweeting, pinning and posting to gain more brand awareness, generate leads and engage with their customers and fans.

Here some interesting highlights from the infographic:

  • 94% of corporations use social media
  • 85% say using social media has increased brand awareness
  • 74% saw an increase in website traffic
  • 58% use it for lead generation and building brand loyalty
  • 76% plan to increase their use of YouTube and video marketing
  • Favorite social sites are Facebook (92%), Twitter (82%), LinkedIn (73%) and blogs (61%)
  • 58% of Fortune 500 companies had Facebook pages in 2011, 62% had Twitter accounts


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[Infographic] How to Get More Likes, Comments and Shares on Facebook

Your Facebook business page has the potential to drive a ton of traffic to your website or blog. But, you’re going to have a very difficult time achieving success on Facebook if people are not liking your stories or commenting on them. Wondering how to boost engagement? Then you need to check out this helpful, easy-to-read infographic containing interesting information compiled by Dan Zarrella of HubSpot.

The “Social Media Scientist” compiled information from 1.3 million posts from the top 10,000 most-liked pages on Facebook, in order to find out things like:

  • Timing of posts
  • Length of posts
  • What types of posts get a better response?

Here’s some of the interesting things that he found:

  • Posts published on Saturdays and Sundays get more likes than those posted during the business week.
  • Content posted at 6:00 p.m. tends to get more shares (EST).
  • Content posted at 8:00 p.m. tends to get more likes (EST).
  • Short posts get more likes and longer posts get more shares.
  • Negative posts bring in more comments than positive ones.
  • Photos get more engagement than News Links (the lowest), video or just text.

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Social Media Stats For Convincing Your C-Suite to Invest in Social Media Marketing

If you’re having trouble convincing your executive team that your company needs to invest in social media, here’s a few hard facts to help you make your case more convincing. It’s so much more effective than whining to your boss, “But we really need a social media presence. Everyone else is doing it!”

  • There are 2 million companies on LinkedIn. [Source: mediabistro.com]
  • Pinterest has over 10.4 million users.  [Source: mediabistro.com]
  • Twitter has 140 million active users, who post a total of 340 million tweets every day. (Source: The Next Web) 
  • Facebook has over 845 million monthly active users. (Source: Facebook)
  • LinkedIn boasts more than 150 million members, including executives from all 2011 Fortune 500 companies. (Source: LinkedIn)
  • Google+ has over 100 million users. [Source: http://gigaom.com]
  • Google+ accounts for about 0.22% of referral traffic.
  • Pinterest is retaining and engaging users 2-3 times better than Twitter was at a similar time in Twitter’s company history.
  • YouTube has over 800 million monthly users who upload an hour of video per second. [Source: http://gigaom.com]
  • 79% of European and 86% of U.S. online adults engage with social media. (Source: Forrester) 
  • 81% of small businesses now use social media — up from 73 percent earlier this year (Source: Constant Contact) 
  • 82% of the world’s online population is reached by social networking sites, representing 1.2 billion users around the world. (Source: comScore) 
  • Nearly 1 in every 5 minutes spent online around the world is now spent on social networking sites. (Source: ComScore) 

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Social Media Statistics for 2012


Social media statistics for 2012 via Mediabistro.

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[Video] Social Media Revolution 2012

The Social Media Revolution 2012 video showcases how powerful social media is and why businesses need to get social.

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